Anti-corruption Policy

The fundamental goal of UPM’s Anti-Corruption Policy is to continuously monitor corruption risk at all company levels across all company operations and to implement immediate preventative steps to reduce the risk of hazard occurrence.

The UPM Anti-Corruption Policy applies to all employees, customers and suppliers and aims to advise them of their anti-bribery and anti-corruption obligations, which encompass:

  • Tasks performed in line with applicable laws and national anti-corruption strategies;
  • Ongoing monitoring of all company processes and identifying potential risks of corruption hazard occurrences and mitigating them via the implementation of preventative measures in situations that appear to violate or possibly lead to a violation of this Policy and anti- corruption laws – whilst simultaneously providing transparency regarding these measures to all employees, customers and cooperative entities;
  • Ensuring a strong positive corporate culture throughout UPM which in turn strengthens awareness and bonds between our company and its employees;
  • Ongoing investment in employee training and professional qualifications which include anti-corruption material;
  • The adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct and Good Management Practice.